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More than placenta encapsulators

As Postparatum Placenta Specialists, Cher and I are proud to be more than just the encapsulators here at Placenta Palm Beach.  We also are trained to provide ongoing, judgment-free, personalized support to the postpartum family.  This sometimes takes the form of helping you craft a postpartum plan while you are still pregnant, and at other times means lending in-person support after the birth — not only for the time we spend at your home processing your placenta, but for weeks afterwards.

In addition to our Postpartum Placenta Specialist training, Cher and I both have completed birth doula training as well as postpartum doula training.  This means that if you feel the need to talk about your birth with someone, we are knowledgeable about birth and eager to hear your story.  If you have an uncertainty about your postpartum situation, we are trained to recognize what is normal and what is beyond the scope of normal.  We may have some helpful ideas to make your situation easier, or other professionals to whom we can direct you for the help you may need — be it with unusual breastfeeding challenges or poor healing of your pelvic region after the birth.

When we follow up with you in the days, weeks, and months after your placenta has been encapsulated, we of course want to hear about your experience with the placenta capsules, but more importantly, we care about your postpartum experience as a whole.  When things are going great, we want to celebrate with you, and when they aren’t, we want you to know that we are here for you.

We are more than placenta encapsulators.

Cher’s knowledge and personal experience with the postpartum season is vast: a mother to twins, a surrogate mother, and a cesarean warrior, Cher has also crafted the best lactation cookie recipe in the world (Christine’s opinion) and could write books about all of the details and applications of different baby carriers.  She is also an experienced belly binder, who shares her time-honored trade with mothers who are looking for additional abdominal support during their recoveries from birth.  A nursing student to boot, Cher is on track to become an international board certified lactation consultant, and currently serves as a lactation counselor while not encapsulating placentas, serving doula clients, or studying. In her spare time, she may be found at her loom, weaving custom baby blankets and wraps.

I (Christine) run a small, full-spectrum doula business with an array of auxiliary services.  My repertoire includes using kinesiology, or muscle balancing, to promote health for the childbearing and postpartum family, as well as using the art making process to prepare for and process our experiences of and perceptions about birth and parenting.  Among my postpartum tool kit is a specially designed stool for yoni steaming, which I happily set up in my postpartum clients’ homes (after lochia has ceased) to speed postpartum healing.   In my free time, I’m often found on local nature trails with my family and other parents if young children and babies, volunteering as the branch lead of Hike it Baby, an organization devoted to getting parents outside with their families, in order to find community, gain exercise, and reconnect with nature.  A survivor of previous postpartum depression, I not only empathize with parents who are having a challenging postpartum period, but am also highly motivated to support new families in a way that helps them to thrive.

There is no hiding it — we are passionate about parents and their new babies!  Between the two of us, we have a wide range of skills to serve you as you navigate the postpartum months.  Even if you are only interested in having your placenta encapsulated, and anticipate no major hurdles after giving birth, you can rest assured when you select Placenta Palm Beach that we are here as resources for your family no matter what arises your postpartum season!

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