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TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SERVICES, EMAIL US, or CALL 561 – 827 – 3263 for northern/central Palm Beach locations or 561-513-8686 for southern Palm Beach and northern Broward locations.

Do you want to give the most prized and talked about present at the baby shower?  Gift certificates are available for encapsulation services by calling 561 – 827 – 3263.


  • In home preparation by OSHA compliant and Kosher friendly process
  • Traditional Method of placenta encapsulation
  • Your choice of gelatin capsules or veggie capsules

$240* (including $50 deposit)


In addition to the above placenta encapsulation, this package includes a 4 ounce placenta tincture made with a superior quality, gluten-free vodka.  A highly concentrated liquid extract of your placenta, the tincture is mature after 6 weeks, takes up little space, and lasts indefinitely.    Popular uses of the placenta tincture are:

  • reduction of PMS symptoms
  • reduction of menopause symptoms
  • calming of anxiety and emotional distress.

If you want to prolong the benefits of your placenta for use after you have consumed all of your placenta capsules, a tincture is a worthy investment.

$290* (including $50 deposit)

Contact us for placenta tincture pricing outside of an encapsulation service.


Belly binding is a traditional practice of using a long, thin piece of fabric to wrap around the new mother’s hips and belly, to provide support and speed healing.  We can provide you with your belly binding wrap and instruct you in wrapping yourself.  It is recommended to do belly binding for the first 40 days postpartum, or as long as it makes you comfortable.

$80* Wrap + Instruction

$25* Instruction Only (if you already own a wrap)

These prices are for encapsulation clients and postpartum doula clients.  Outside of a placenta encapsulation or scheduled postpartum visit, please contact us for custom pricing.


A placenta print is an impression of your placenta on archival watercolor paper, made prior to processing for the encapsulation.  Clients choose to have prints made of their placenta as a memory of pregnancy and/or for nursery decor.  To maintain purity of the placenta for encapsulation, no dies will be added to your placenta, though some clients choose to alter the color of their placenta print digitally or by painting over it.  This service is only available as an add on to encapsulation services of fresh (not frozen) placentas.



Your postpartum placenta specialist is trained not only in the handling the placenta, but also for nurturing family members into their new roles during the postpartum recovery period through postpartum doula services.  Each visit will be customized to the needs of the client, and may include (but is not limited to):

  • newborn care guidance
  • breastfeeding or bottle feeding support
  • caring for your baby while you nap, shower, or tend to siblings
  • listening to the birth story
  • sharing local resources
  • light housework
  • meal preparation.


* All prices quoted above are inclusive of a 30 minute driving distance from the following locations:
Placenta Encapsulators of the Palm Beaches and northern Broward

Good Samaritan Medical Center, 1309 N. Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Boca Raton Regional Hospital, 800 Meadows Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33486

Clients who reside outside of the 30 minute driving distance from those locations will incur an additional travel fee.

TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE SERVICES, EMAIL US, or call 561 – 827 – 3263 for northern/central Palm Beach locations and 561-513-8686 for southern Palm Beach and northern Broward locations.

Payment is accepted by cash, check, credit card, and gift certificates!  Call 561 – 827 – 3263 to order a gift certificate for your loved one.