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The mission of Placenta Palm Beach is to improve the postpartum experience by providing the highest level of service to new mothers.  Guided by standards of excellence, your safety and satisfaction are our supreme goals.

Northern / central Palm Beach County: call 561 – 827 – 3263

Southern Palm Beach County / northern Broward County: call 561 – 513 – 8686

Placenta Encapsulation Benefits PPD

Potential benefits of placenta consumption include:

  • balance postpartum hormones
  • fight fatigue
  • prevent baby blues &¬†postpartum depression
  • improve milk production
  • replenish depleted iron levels
  • happier, more energetic postpartum period
  • balance menopausal hormones

To schedule your complimentary consultation, email or call 561 Р827 -3263 (northern Palm Beach) or 561 Р513 Р8686  (southern Palm Beach).